Our Staff

Is there a spiritual concern or event in your life that you need somebody to talk to about? Do you have a question about faith, God, church or religion that you want to ask but you are afraid to? All questions are confidential and will only be viewed and answered by our spiritual staff. Feel free to take this opportunity to get anything off your mind or heart that you need to.

Sometimes the question comes up, “When should I call the church?”  Here are suggestions of some situations:

  • Labor and/or birth
  • Sudden illness
  • Accident that has caused harm
  • Major thought of depression or suicide;
  • Spiritual doubt of your salvation
  • Personal/Family Counseling (All conversations are in complete confidence)
  • Planning to be married (at least 3 months notice, special situations can be considered)
  • Request a prayer
  • Private Communion or Communion for guests coming with you to church
  • Baptism
  • Emergency Baptism


Alan Mercer: (609) 442-1610, merceralan@aol.com


Church Elders

John DeMario: (609) 412-0309, jdemarioadvertising@gmail.com

Rick DiMauro: (609) 816-6206, rickyd0121@comcast.net

Church Administration

Church Council President

John DeMario: (609) 412-0309, jdemarioadvertising@gmail.com



Alan Stearne



Peg Seyler: (609) 418-1160, pseyler@comcast.net



Eric Harrington: purpletiger79@hotmail.com



Linda Liston: (609) 703-6711, lmliston@comcast.com

Ministry Coordinators 

Preschool Director

Patti Wythe: (609) 748-0094, peacepre@gmail.com


Youth  Ministry Coordinator

Samantha Buchanan: (609) 428-5103, mydogstevie@gmail.com


Music Director

Paul Lopresti: (609) 703-7228, paullopresti823@gmail.com



President: Isabel Engelhardt laceyannsmom@gmail.com

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer: Linda Liston (609) 703-6711, lmliston@comcast.net

Secretary: Samantha Buchanan (609) 428-5103, mydogstevie@gmail.com


Lutheran Hour Ambassadors

Arthur Wanke: (609) 296-0223, a.wanke@comcast.net

Irene Wanke: iwanke@comcast.net