About Our Church

527778_310683995686138_1415697580_n We have an amazing church home! As a community of faith we love bringing the Peace that can only be found in Christ to our world. We believe in family values, strong moral and Christian Education, and meaningful worship in the presence of God. We are a church that truly cares for each other and for the people in our community. We believe our faith is best seen in action as we reach out to others through Acts of Mercy and service. But above all else, Christ is the center of our church and the love that we have for others.

Over the past ministry year God has continued to bless our church with continued growth and health. Our church membership continues to grow by at least 10 percent every year. But it’s not only numbers, when you ask members and visitors what they feel when they come to church the words we hear over and over again to describe their experience are: peaceful, welcoming, and forgiving…

We are a forgiving congregation! This is such an important thing. When people know that they don’t have to be a perfect person to participate in ministry, it frees everyone up. We can love and serve God to the best of our abilities, but when we make mistakes as all of us do, we can be confident in God’s forgiveness through Jesus Christ and the forgiveness of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We strive to provide meaningful, short-term ministry opportunities for our members and friends. We know how busy you are and how many demands are on your time and your energy. But we know you also want to make a difference for Christ and to be a part of a ministry that makes that kind of difference in our community. Each ministry quarter (Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter) is filled with short-term ministry opportunities that do make a difference in our community and world.

Looking to the future we have many exciting times to come as we Live In Faith Everyday, together by the Grace of God.

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